Directors of Athletics Association of New Jersey

Program of Excellence

Neil Rosa Program of Excellence Application

Program of Excellence Award

North Hunterdon Regional High School - 2016

West Milford High School - 2017

Jefferson Township High School - 2018



"Being the recipient of the DAANJ "Program of Excellence in Athletics" award is truly an honor.  At West Milford High School, we have ​worked to cultivate a core belief in​ education-based athletics, but applying for this award, using a committee-based approach with a comprehensive group of coaches, administrators, and staff has provided our athletic program with an opportunity to evaluate and assess our practices and mission.  The process in and that of itself has created a cultural  ​paradigm ​​shift​ that has rippled through every​ team, coach, athlete where education, charity, community service, and giving back is a ​ team​ expectation rather than an extra task.  ​ ​Over time, ​our team ​modifications and improvements ​ have enabled us to​ set ​and establish ​goals, incorporate community service in each and every​ program, and ultimately  ​have allowed us to ​grow our athletic program to better serve the students-athletes and the West Milford School community.  Thank you to the DAANJ for honoring West Milford with this award and for the opportunity to grow."  - Joe Trentacosta, West Milford High School Athletic Director